Guide to Booking Caregivers in your care book

1. Enter your basic info

  • This is the info for the person managing the care, not receiving the care.  The patient (sometimes called the Loved One) will be described later in the process

  • Start typing your address in the “Type to fill from Google” and click the address when it appears below the box

2. Enter the patient's info

Input all the information on the patient making sure to scroll down each page and hitting Next each time.  Press Submit when you’re done

This information is only shared with the Caregivers that you select to offer care for the patient.

There are two ways to book a caregiver:

Care Book Bookings

  • Care Book bookings which allow you to choose one of a few caregivers to take care for the patient on a regular basis. They are called your Care Team.  The selected caregivers (and only those) receive your booking requests.  When caregivers are part of a care team, they know they will be working with you with regularity so they will tend to reserve time for you.


Direct Bookings
  • Direct bookings which is a one-off booking with a caregiver.  You don’t expect to call on that caregiver on a regular basis.  Those are booked directly from the caregiver listing (Search 4 Care menu item).
This guide covers Care Book bookings

3. Choose caregiver(s) for your care team

A. Select

  • Click Search 4 Care in the menu
  • Browse caregivers
  • Click on the heart icon in the listing of those whom you would like to reach out to, to care for the patient 

B. Schedule An Interview

  • After you add to favorite or substitutes, you will be redirected to an interview schedule page
  • Select three time slots when you are available for an interview with the caregiver.  Your must pick three
  • Press SUBMIT at the bottom left
  • The caregiver is invited to choose from one of the time slot
  • A member of the Care4give team will join the interview as well to make sure as many aspects are covered as possible.

C. Meet (video call)

  • Once the caregiver has selected one of the time slots, you receive a meeting invite
  • It contains a Google Meet link for a video call

D. Accept (or refuse)

  • A few minute after the video call is over, watch your email for a request to decide
  • Click the button in the email
  • You land on a page where you decide to add the caregiver to your care team or not
  • The caregiver receives an email confirming your decision
  • If you added her/him, the then accepts or not to join your care team.
  • You then get notified by email of her/his decision

4. Schedule Bookings in your Booking Calendar

Once you have Caregivers on your team, you can go ahead and create a calendar of bookings.
The way this works, you first select the days and times you want after which your care team (even if there’s only one caregiver) are notified and accept.  You can reserve them as far as 4 weeks in advance if you wish.

Click Care Book on your screen
Using the “Add New” button or directly on the calendar, select the time slots, days of the week and number of weeks ahead of time you wish to book for your client.

  • NOTE: You will receive email confirmation each time a Caregiver that accepts your invitation for a time slot in your calendar. You can also click on CARE TEAM in the menu and you will see that status of your invitations.

Select the days you require going through the guided menu

Make sure to look at each field paying attention to the number of weeks and which days you wish this specific block of time to last.

Note: If you need different hours for different days, you must repeat this step (i.e. 9am to noon can be booked across different days in 1 shot but if you have other days where the shift is from 3pm to 7pm, you must book it separately).

Note:  You can determine a Care Team (primary caregivers) and substitutes (your 2nd choice caregivers) so you can select which group you wish to invite to each Client’s Calendar.


  •  In order to submit your booking you must deposit the amount corresponding to the highest hourly rate in your care team times the hours you reserved.
  • The deposit to your Care4giver account is made up-front.  
  • Caregivers don’t get a payment until the booking has been completed (check-in and check-out done).   
  • If less time is worked, payment will also be less as it’s proportional to the time worked (at the minute).  You only pay for the time actually worked.  Any amount deposited but that doesn’t require a payment to the Caregiver remains in your account for future bookings.  You can also request to have remaining amounts returned to you.
  • Select Finish and you’re done
  • The caregivers in your Care Team will be notified and they can immediately accept the various time slots in the Calendar you just created
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