About Us

We are team dedicated to senior care. We help families and senior health and support service providers connect .

Care4giver was founded in 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic. Lockdowns, isolation of seniors, families not being able to care for their aging parents while healthcare providers were working in deplorable and high-risk situations, the gap for support was growing by the day.

We provide a bridge between healthcare personnel who need a better life and families who support an older Loved One.

We are a small team of technologists, business managers and entrepreneurs who decided to address what is afflicting so many of us:  Caring for a senior while having a life of our own.

We first wanted to provide an alternative for Healthcare workers of all types and levels to exercise the skill and know-how they worked hard to gain, while not suffering working conditions that destroy their own health and lives.

We realized – based on our own living experiences – the importance of many other types of people to support seniors in various aspects of their lives:  student-companions, day-to-day maintenance, errands, etc.

We created a platform that we never stop improving with a clear objective:  Automate to minimize the costs so that clients and service providers benefit from complete services while not bearing a heavy cost.  The result:  Caregivers and clients find each other, have all the tools they need (more coming) to work together but at a price that extends the budget of the clients as far as possible.

We won’t stop improving.  We hope you find what you need.  If not, know that we’re at work to help you find it.

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