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Fair Rates, Control, Freedom

Simple & Rewarding

Caregiving is changing and changing fast. And it’s a good thing (as you can read here) because it needs to for both caregivers and patients.

We created Care4Giver to address the issues that usually plague those who hold jobs in this wonderful field:

– The hours are inconvenient
– Raising a family is challenging
– Salaries don’t increase fast
– Agencies control your life

Regardless if you live in Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver or Halifax, going on your own makes sense but you want to make sure you get paid by clients, you don't like the risk of being held personally responsible if something happens and you'd like to have many clients so you're always busy and at the pace you want to be.

You've come to the right place

You've come
to the right place

Whether you want to supplement your current income or go full-time and regardless if you're a Nurse, PSW (personal support worker), a PAB, a nursing student (or any another type of student for that matter) or any other type of Caregiver, you will find that Care4Giver is better than a job. It offers you benefits that a normal Caregiver job cannot: Control over your time, your rate and your conditions.

Control your schedule

Be your own boss.  Gain the freedom to determine your schedule and the number of hours you choose to work. You decide.

Liability Insurance

When careseekers book your time on Care4giver, you are automatically protected with our liability insurance*. This protection is FREE as long as your bookings are done through our site. It’s important to be protected.

*See details on FAQ page

Right Matching

Take care of those you feel you can help best, leveraging your personality and skills.  You choose who you will serve.

Certifications & Skills

You worked hard to get to where you are.  Your acquired skills and certifications are valuable and in big demand.  No need to work in a difficult work environment to exercise your acquired know-how. It’s time to be valued for what you do.

Set Your Rate

On Care4Giver, you set your hourly rate.  C4G adds a small percentage according to a variable grid.  This allows us to keep the lights on, bring you more clients, provide you with liability insurance and make sure you always receive your payment.

Get Recognized

Quality care will get you noticed.  You work hard and what you do counts and this will be reflected in the appreciation scores.  These scores serve as a solid reference and pretty much guarantee you’ll always have new clients.

Work-Life Balance

Life is not 9 to 5. Things happen and there will be moments you want to work a lot and others that require more focus on yourself and your family.  C4G Caregivers can adjust their workload based on thier needs. It’s time to control your life.

Background Checks

Background checks give careseekeers a important degree of security. If you had one done, simply upload your confirmation and we’ll add an icon to your listing.  If you want or need one, we partner with an international firm that offers a fast service at a low price. It’s important for everyone’s safety.

Mobile App Support

The C4G mobile app allows you to connect with clients without giving away your number.  It also allows clients to reach you during bookings and provides you to check-in and check-out of appointments leaving no doubt you did the work. Your life also remains private during off hours. It’s a win-win.

There's a need for all types of senior services. If you feel ready or if you just want to find out if it's for you, simply register using the button below.

Caregivers have no obligation to accept a booking request. Obligations begin once a booking has been accepted.

Take Control

Take Control

Set your own rate

Set your own rate

At Care4Giver, we believe a fair rate is the rate you feel is right.   

Contrary to agencies, we don’t add a large markup, just a small admin fee.

This means that you can propose a higher rate on and care seekers still pay a fair and attractive price:  You earn more, they pay less.

Care4Giver vs Agency earnings comparison

Getting listed is completely free

Getting listed is free

It doesn’t cost anything to become listed with Care4Giver.  We are not in the business of advertising.  We are a social economy platform. We created this to address a need we ourselves felt and to solve a problem we feel will eventually help almost everyone.

Set your schedule

Set your schedule

Work when you want and in the areas you choose. Your lifestyle and family needs matter. Whether you’re a health professional, a nursing or PAB student, a career Caregiver, a part time worker or a full-time student, you can set your work schedule around your life requirements. You’re in control.

Decide who will be your client

Decide who will be your client

You get the care seeker information and the profile of their loved one. You can decide to refuse or accept a job. Ratings from other service providers can also help you determine if a job is right for you.

Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

The services that you render through the C4G platform are covered by our liability insurance.* You don’t need to pay to protect yourself.  We’ve got your covered.

* Certain limitations apply.  See all the details in our Terms of Service

The process is simple

Simple process

Register and you automatically become listed.  The services you offer, the area you wish to cover, your calendar of availability are all shown on the site.  You’re notified of requests for your services by email. You review them, press accept or decline. 

If you accept the booking request, you show up, serve the Loved One and leave.  The payment for your services is delivered in your bank account every week. That’s it. See below to find out more on how billing and payment works.

Billing and payment

Billing and payment

Care seekers pay for Caregiver services online on the Care4Giver platform using a credit card.  The amount is frozen on their card at the moment they reserve time in a Caregiver’s calendar. The amount is released when the service has been rendered.  

Caregivers receive weekly payments for the services they delivered during the week and up to the day prior to the payment.  An electronic transfer is made every week for the work done the week prior.  If you want hep managing your money (i.e. maximizing your income as an independent worker) Care4giver has partnerships with experienced accountants that will guide you and organize things for you at a highly discounted rate, only for C4G caregivers.

Your safety with our exclusive app

Your safety with our exclusive app

Keep in live contact with your client through our C4G video and chat tool.  A check-in and check-out function confirms you were there.  All the key information will be sent to you before you make the visit. Communication is a valuable tool when you work and it’s an important tool to show you did the work.

Obtain your background check

Obtain your background check

Background checks are important.  Many care seekers   If you had one done, you will be able to upload a copy of the results document during registration.  If you don’t, you won’t be listed as having one. In order to be successful as a Caregiver, the very large majority of care seekers require one. 

If you need to have one done, Care4Giver offers access to a background verification service at a low price and that offers a quick turnaround to get you working as quickly as possible.

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