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The Service

Find the best in-home elderly care in Montreal or Toronto

What is Care4Giver

It’s where you’ll find the most accessible and affordable in-home senior care in the greater Montreal and greater Toronto areas for all types of services.  

We provide care seekers the possibility to find the best individual Caregivers and enable Caregivers the opportunity take control of their lives and do what they do best in the best possible environment.

Registering is free

  • Access to a catalog of individuals caregivers 
  • From nurses to healthcare attendants and from students to experienced companions you will find all types of services.  
  • Caregivers upload their credentials, their experience and put in the work for their ratings.  
  • You’re not dealing with a company.  
  • You choose the person you want to see take care of your Loved Ones
  • Caregivers who popose their sevices on Care4giver care. it’s their name and reputation they put on the line so you know your needs and concerns become their focus and intent.

Who it's for

Home Care for Seniors Toronto

It’s for all seniors who need in-home support in their lives.  Supporting a loved one is challenging.  Period.  Care4giver is there to pick-up when you can’t:  

Extreme fatigue of a Natural Caregiver after prolonged support of an Elder while caring for her (his) family.

To extend the ability of a fairly capable senior to live in her/his own home.  This avoids a move to a long-term care facility or assisted care facilities therefore limiting exposure to illness (such as COVID-19, the seasonal flu, pneumonia or other)

During or after a stay at the hospital providing the family some respite  from overexhaustion

To help during hours where Sundowning requires support, often on a daily basis

Loss of autonomy limits or eliminates the ability of a senior to run errands

A Natural Caregiver needing or getting a new job or personal situation

Loved ones living too far from family to be supported

Accompanying a loved one at a medical appointment

Providing a companion and simple support around the home for seniors who lose their driver’s license.

Why it's better

Care4Giver was designed to provide the highest combination of peace of mind, control and low cost for in-home senior care.  You can immediately browse and select the caregiver of your choice in full control.  You choose the individual you decide you want.  It’s the simplest way to get relief while taking control of your Loved One’s care.

  • See firsthand if the actual credentials of each Caregiver
  • Know if they passed a successful background check
  • Certifications must be uploaded in order to be listed.  Services that require certification aren’t listed unless that’s done.
  • The services are tracked and reported on 
  • C4G provides a mobile app so you can see checks-ins and checks-outs and to stay in contact with the CG through text, voice or video call during the service.  
  • Certified Ratings and reviews on Caregivers are certified (i.e. given by clients who actually dealt with the CG)
  • It’s in the CG’s best interest to provide the highest level of service they can in order to maintain as high a rating as possible.  Contrary to working for an agency, it’s their own name they represent and work for.

Browse and book anytime

Care4giver, is always open.  We are a 24/7 service that connects care seekers with independent Caregivers giving you access and detailed information so you can decide who you wish to retain and when you need the support. It’s in-home senior care at your fingertips. 

Background checks and other credentials

Background checks are essential when choosing a Caregiver.  Each Caregiver’s profile will show if they have one.  The background check report must be uploaded during their registration in order to be listed.  C4G uses a well established service that operates in over 100 countries which allows all Caregivers to get checked and to be listed as such once it’s confirmed.  It’s the same validation government and service agencies require from their employees. 

Caregivers must upload certificates and professional numbers when they register in order to be able to list the expertise and offer it.  

Fair pricing

The pricing you see is directly based on the pricing the Caregivers themselves list for their in-home senior care services.  We are not an agency, we don’t carry the high costs associated to running one, so we don’t charge a high markup.  We are a social economy platform.  We add a small administrative fee to keep the platform running and to provide some services to Caregivers who need them. 

Tracking and following the service

Our app allows each Caregiver to check-in and checkout so you know when they arrive and leave.  During the service window (15 minutes before the time of the booking and up to the moment they leave) you also keep in contact with the integrated voice, video and chat tool. This tool ensures that you know the Caregiver is on his/her way and that they are with your loved one as planned. Secure and convenient for everyone!

Signing-up and booking Caregivers

Sign-up is free and you automatically get access to more detailed information on the Caregivers listed. When you are ready to book, simply fill out your loved-one’s registration form. This form allows the Caregivers you hire to understand what your loved one needs physically, emotionally and mentally. 

Booking is done online directly on the calendar of individual Caregivers. Once booked, the Caregiver is notified and is given 24 hours to accept or refuse. If you don’t hear back before the end of that period, your booking is automatically cancelled. You will be notified by email as well as in your notifications in your C4G account. You will be able to view all your scheduled bookings as well as the history of your transactions on your account page.

Billing and payment processing

Payments are made online through our platform using your credit card.  The amount for the booking is reserved on the card when you reserve the Caregiver’s time. The amount is charged on the card and put in escrow once the service has been accepted by the Caregiver.  

The money is released to the Caregiver once the service has been rendered, otherwise, you are fully refunded.  Caregivers digitally check-in when they arrive and check-out when they leave so you and you can also reach out to them using the app anytime during the booking.  

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