1. Enter your business address​

Click on the pencil in the upper right of the screen on which you land (the Profile page) as per the image on the right.

Click on the pencil in the upper right of the screen on which you land (the Profile page) as per the image below.

2. Enter your clients' profiles and addresses

  • Each client has to have her/his own registration form filled. 
  • You must enter the patient’s info here because that info (name, address, etc) is what will be used to provide Caregivers the name of the client they serve as well as their address, special needs, etc.
  • Click on the Plus sign and fill the entire form.  You only need to do this once.
  • Note: The last page of the form (page 4) allows to list  family contacts in case you or your caregiver has an emergency.

3. Send out emails to your Caregivers

  • Using your company email, make sure to add your unique registration link (URL) and send an invitation to all of your existing caregivers
  • Once they accept and register on the Care4giver platform they will automatically be placed into your Care TeamUs


  • If you wish to go through the C4G Caregiver listing, you can also do so. 
  • Simply go through and evaluate their profiles.  Click the heart in each of the profiles you wish to add to your Care Team
  • This will send each of them an invitation to join your Care Team which they can accept or not.
  • You need Caregivers to have accepted to be on your Care Team in order to create the bookings calendar for your clients

4. Create a Bookings Calendar for each client

  • Once you have Caregivers on your team, you can go ahead and create a calendar.

NOTE:  You will receive email confirmation for each Caregiver that accepts your invitation.  You can also click on CARE TEAM in the menu and you will see that status of your invitations.

  • Click Care Book on your screen
  • Using the “Add New” button or directly on the calendar, select the time slots, days of the week and number of weeks ahead of time you wish to book for your client.
  • Select the days your client requires service going through the guided menu:
  • Make sure to look at each field paying attention to the number of weeks and which days you wish this specific block of time to last.

Note: If you need different hours for different days, you must repeat this step (i.e. 9am to noon can be booked across different days in 1 shot but if you have other days where the shift is from 3pm to 7pm, you must book it separately).

Note:  You can determine a Care Team (primary caregivers) and substitutes (your 2nd choice caregivers) so you can select which group you wish to invite to each Client’s Calendar.


  • Payment  must be made up-front. The money isn’t spent until the booking has been completed (check-out done).  The money is deposited in your account which you can see by clicking My Account.
  • Select Finish and you’re done
  • The caregivers in your Care Team will be notified and they can go accept the various time slots in the Calendar you just created.
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