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Being an independent worker comes with a lot of benefits. In order to leverage all them and to properly calculate your taxes, it’s highly recommended to have an accountant. It’s not complicated but it’s important.

For caregivers who don’t already have one, Care4giver has partnered with an accounting firm with over 30 years of experience – West Island Tax – which will advise you and take care of preparing your taxes at a discounted rate of $100 (plus applicable taxes)*.

If you’re interested, simply fill-out the form below and they will get in touch with you.

Please note that you will need the information on the checklist you will find below the form in order for the accounting process to begin so please prepare those prior to your first contact with the accountant**.

*This includes all that is necessary to prepare all your taxes as well as advice on how to manage your income.  It does not include rental income or other businesses.

**Care4giver has no affiliation with the accountant.  The information given to the accountant and the services the firm provides are done completely independently from Care4giver.   The nature of C4G’s partnership with the accounting firm is strictly a means to provide a lower cost access to this type of service to caregivers who may need it.

Accountant Contact Form

Preparation Checklist

  • Cell phone expense $
  • Home internet will be calculated at 50% ( 50% personal )
  • Supplies ( any items bought specifically for this job like gloves, sanitizers etc..)
  • Car expenses for the year
  • Make model and year of car
  • Leased or owned?
  • If leased monthly payments ( date of start and end of lease ) 
  • Gas expense
  • Car insurance cost
  • Repairs and maintenance spent
  • Driver’s license and vehicle registration costs
  • Parking and tolls (if any)
  • Total km’s driven for business only (when you go see clients)
  • Total kms driven for the year business + personal
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